About Us


Why not? “Walking on Hot Waffles” is creative label spotlight for the writing works of Kenny Casanova & friends. Established in 2014 because he needed a name to make his literary works sound legit, Kenny said WOHW, “sounded about right.”

Writing has always been a bit of hobby on the back burner for Kenny Casanova who is also an English teacher, a blogger, a pro wrestling legend, and a successful wedding DJ from Albany, NY. With his hands in so many pots, Kenny’s friends have often asked him, “how do find enough hours in the day?”

However, the time is now. Kenny recently interviewed wrestling superstar Kamala for almost a year before launching a Kickstarter book fundraiser to help him offset medical costs. We raised over $20,000 for the project to self publish a book that really hit home with the fans. With four other writing projects in the works, Kenny decided to open this outlet for writing works, as the 25th hour of the day approaches.