Bledtime Stories



BLEDTIME STORIES: COLORING BOOKS FOR GROWN-UPS – This fun project is a new collectible coloring/comic book series for grown-ups that pits pro wrestlers against their toughest opponents ever… the classic fairy tales! And yes, these tales are co-written by the headline wrestlers, themselves!

GET SOME COLOR WITH THE LEGENDS! We are kicking this series all off with the re-telling of a classic legend by “The Hardcore Legend” himself, Mick Foley! Future Bledtime Stories include professional wrestlers like Sabu, Brutus Beefcake, Kamala, Justin Credible, & Tito Santana just to name a few along with tons of cameos. All of the chapters in the Bledtime Universe, of course, will always provide the reader with an entertaining story, a collectible keepsake, and also the ability to “get some color” with the legends for every scene according to their wildest imaginations.

brute#4 INCREDIBLE BRUTE:  This is a comedic reinterpretation of the start of Buggsy McGraw’s career. Just before becoming the international professional wrestling star known as The Brute and Buggsy McGraw, Michael Davis made his debut under a mask as “The Big O” and terrorized the Detroit wrestling territory owned by “The Original Sheik” Ed Farhat. During that time, The Big O waged in-ring wars with wrestlers like Bobo Brazil and many others.

sabu-pigs-cover-small#3, SABU VS. THE THREE LITTLE PIGS: Sabu was off to a wrestling show, when his mobile home breaks down. He was just minding his own business when a bunch of pigs came out of nowhere and stole his tires. As Sabu chases them down to a trailer park, he only has a short time to retrieve his tires and make it to the show on time. He is going to have to fight three familiar pigs along the way!

small-demolition-cover#2, DEMOLITION ON MARS: We’re back under direction from Demolition themselves paying homage to old sci fi comic books with a new chapter. This out-of-this-world tale finds our Intergalactic Tag Team Champions making a pit stop at the forbidden red planet to answer a distress call. However, once there, they find themselves in a brutal battle with Kung Fu Cyborg Zombies!

small-cactus-cover#1, CACTUS JACK AND THE BEANSTALK: Artist Pete Bregman teams up with writer Kenny Casanova to bring you the first chapter is entitled “Cactus Jack And The Beanstalk” spoofing the original story. With Mick Foley lending his pen to this twist on the famous fairy tale, it is really a who’s-who from the career of our hero, spotlighting a number of cameos from his past. There really is no telling what is going to happen on the pages, that is, unless you order now!