Kenny Casanova Wrestling Book Author

Kenny Casanova Wrestling Book Author


KENNY CASANOVA – is a semi-retired professional wrestler whose first international break came ring announcing for the WWE in 1995. As a loudly-dressed, karaoke-singing personality, Kenny managed, announced, and worked for promotions around the world. As a writer, he aims to keep wrestling legends alive by ghostwriting well-researched, often 400-page autobiographies for wrestlers he worked with including Kamala, Brutus Beefcake, Dangerous Danny Davis, Sabu, and the upcoming Big Van Vader. His body of writing includes biographies, young adult novels, comic books, and a post-apocalyptic sci fi novel called TAG: A Time Travel Story. Kenny is an award-winning DJ, a publisher, and a teacher of 20+ years who won a 60k Fulbright Scholarship in 2007 awarding him an educational ambassadorship to Japan. Kenny Casanova was also inducted into the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2010.

PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING – Widely known as a loud, wildly-dressed, karaoke-singing pro wrestling manager, Kenny was also an announcer, commentator, promoter/ booker, and a writer in the wrestling business. Kenny’s first international break came ring-announcing for the WWF  in 1995. He appeared up and down the North East independent seen from the 1990s to 2010. Kenny has since written, produced and provided commentary on hundreds of videos/DVD’s. Kenny has worked with many superstars around the world and been featured in many editions of various wrestling magazines. Incidentally, he occasionally played “Kim Chee” for Kamala leading to his first wrestling book project. (

ACTING – Kenny’s first acting gig was as the star of “Dead Resident,” a sweet, cheesy zombie flick.

RADIO / DJ EXPERIENCE- His first college radio show, was for WCHD in Albany, NY, from 1989-91 for an alternative rock/rap show. Early to mid-90s, he became a bit writer for Nikki Neal’s “Nik at Night” show on Q104, providing voice overs as many goofy characters, most notable for his Grape Ape impersonation. He also did the same on the ZRock Morning Show with Matt “Sharkmann” Hobley.

PROFESSIONAL DJ – Kenny Casanova is now a mobile/event DJ out of Upstate NY, providing high-quality entertainment services for weddings, events & parties (

TEACHING EXPERIENCE – As a current high school teacher since 2000, Kenny Casanova was awarded a 50k Fulbright Scholarship in 2007 from the Japanese Government to act as an American educational ambassador for their country. He spent 6 weeks in Japan, visiting many different schools in both Tokyo & Kumomoto, Japan.

BOOK PROJECTS – Kenny Casanova’s body of written work includes a sci-fi time travel book and a number of ghostwritten wrestler autobiographies. Having worked with many top WWE wrestlers as a manager and a ring announcer, he now aims to both keep their legends alive and provide them with the biggest portion of book sales. (Most don’t collect a retirement being formerly booked by companies like WWE as “subcontractors.”)

  • BRUTUS THE BARBER BEEFCAKE – After a very public Twitter war between Brutus and his former tag-team partner Hulk Hogan, the controversy around this tell-all book has been great. This fun autobiography covers crazy stories on the road, and the underbelly of prowrestling from one of the most remembered wrestling 80’s stars.
  • DANGEROUS DANNY DAVIS – Danny is one of WWE’s most famous referees. This inspirational young adult book covers the coming-of-age climb to his WWE wrestling career by means of hard work. He set up rings, officiated matches, and eventually wrestled around the world. Danny’s positive tale is one that certainly transcends the ring.
  • KAMALA SPEAKS – Kenny played Kamala’s mysterious handler “Kim Chee” for a time, making him a good candidate to create a book fundraiser project that has since generated over $60,000 in book sales & donations. This story shows Kamala’s rise to the top of the wrestling world, and his tragic fall from stardom after losing both legs to diabetes.
  • TAG – A chunk of NYC subway disappears at the start of World War III. Lost in another dimension, the train passengers find themselves stuck in a disastrous time loop. With only 15 minutes before their subway explodes, they continuously escape through portals to random points of their pasts. There, they have to find their doubles and tag them, only to return to the time loop back on the tracks. One substitute teacher, however, tries to break the loop to win the game.