SABU: Scars, Silence, & Superglue


The life story of a wrestler who changed the face of professional wrestling as we know it…


  • 400 pages of brutality by: “Sabu” Terry Brunk with Kenny Casanova
  • Forewords & guest passages by:  RVD & Taz… plus Bill Alfonso, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Al Snow, Mikey Whipwreck, Justin Credible, Blue Meanie, Pablo Marquez, Kevin Sullivan, & more!
  • Loads of pictures  – Plus never-seen-before shots from ECW photographer George Tahinos

His actions always spoke louder than words. After training with his legendary uncle The Sheik and his big break in Japan, Sabu pioneered a new “hardcore wrestling style” on American television in the 90s. Upon his ECW debut, he immediately dazzled fans with an innovative arsenal that included breaking tables, leaping off chairs, and working highly-acrobatic moves into every match. Raising the bar, he changed the game for professional wrestlers everywhere. Discover how his SCARS from barbwire, his SILENCE on the mic, and use of SUPERGLUE for bleeding led him to every major promotion in the world. Read about being shot in the face, his battle with addiction, road stories, ribs, and his crazy rockstar life!

SABU: Scars, Silence, & Superglue” gives you a no-holds-barred autobiographical look about one of the most innovative & extreme pioneers in wrestling. This book will cover his wrestling roots/history, his wrestling career, & everything Sabu… PLUS:

  • Growing up & training with The Sheik
  • Being considered “The King of Indies”
  • Working the territorial days of wrestling
  • SCARS from FMW Barbwire matches
  • His SILENCE on the mic
  • Brutal use of SUPERGLUE for bleeding
  • Training & working with student “RVD” Rob Van Dam
  • His famous ECW run
  • A tell-all on his substance abuse & demons
  • The WWE run and heat with some superstars
  • Crazy rockstar-like road stories
  • Ridiculous & Horrific wrestler pranks/ribs
  • Wrestling around the world!

FOREWORDS BY: RVD & Taz!   GUEST PASSAGES BY: Bill Alfonso, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Al Snow, Mikey Whipwreck, Mike Johnson, Justin Credible, Blue Meanie, Kevin Sullivan & more!