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BOOK INFO – From ODB & Kenny Casanova is… The not-so cookie-cutter life of tough-cookie wrestler ODB: One Dirty Bitch!  Read the knockout story of Jessie Kresa, a different type of woman wrestler, in an era of pillow fights and divas.  See her transform her independent days, a WWE tryout, and Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental time into a TNA Wrestling contract, a headliner career, and a legendary name in the business. ODB’s rough-around-the-edges persona empowers everyone, no matter how big or small, with her message of working hard to defy the odds.

GUEST PASSAGES / QUOTES: Mick Foley, Al Snow, DDP, Jimmy Hart, Traci Brooks, Lisa Marie Varon, Bob Evans, and more!

ODB: One Dirty B!tch!

Jessie Kresa is ODB: One Dirty B!tch!


  • Foreword by Mick Foley (w/ initial pitch from Mick asking Kenny to write this)

  • Guest Passage by Al Snow

  • Dancing & Disney World Jobs

  • Early Days with Anderson & Daivari

  • WWE Tough Enough Tryout

  • TNA History & Early Work

  • OVW Developmental Days

  • TNA Contract

  • ODB’s TNA Knockout Championship runs

  • TNA Knockout Stories & Dirt

  • The Importance of a “Plan B”

  • Bartending for Jimmy Hart

  • Creating a New Brand

  • Sausage Castle Party

  • Food Truck Disaster & Comeback