Danny Davis Autobiography (SIGNED BY KENNY)



This is a young adult novel; a quick, shorter, easy read written to inspire high school students & up! …Based on the life of pro-wrestling’s first “bad guy referee,” Danny Davis was first a poor troubled kid in the 70s. Coming from a broken home in Boston so small that there was no space for him to live, Danny took to life on the streets doing whatever he could to survive. His stealing, violence, and crime led to reform school and eventually jail. However, one day Danny decided to trade in his jail bars for his trademark black and white stripes. Starting as ring crew for WWE, his hard work led him to bigger roles like refereeing matches and even becoming a wrestler himself at the biggest show of them all; WrestleMania. Danny’s story is about doing the right thing, developing a good work ethic, and the overall importance of family.

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DANNY DAVIS FRONT COVERThis autobiography is based on the life of WWE referee/wrestler Danny Davis. It is an easy and fun read for all ages and one you never forget.

This inspirational book, perfect for high school readers and up, brings you everything you want to know about the world’s most famous “bad guy referee.” It covers the coming-of-age climb to his WWE wrestling career where he set up rings, officiated matches & wrestled around the world. Danny’s positive tale is one that certainly transcends the ring:

  • Living a tough childhood on the streets
  • Shifting away from and overcoming bad decisions
  • Developing a good work ethic
  • Breaking into the wrestling business setting up rings
  • Vince McMahon’s early day takeover of wrestling
  • Working hard to get somewhere
  • Climbing the ladder; getting promotions, & earning respect
  • Refereeing for the biggest stars ever
  • Wrestling as a masked “jobber” named MR. X
  • Mutitasking as both a ref & wrestler on the same shows
  • His huge run as a bad-guy ref turned wrestler
  • Becoming a member of the legendary Hart Foundation
  • Making important decisions about family

“Dangerous” Danny Davis gives you a special behind-the-scenes look on the road working with: Andre The Giant, Mr. T, Chief Jay Strongbow, Captain Lou, The Grand Wizard, Roddy Piper, Jake The Snake Roberts,  Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan & more!


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