Earl Hebner: The Official Story


PREORDER NOW TO WIN PRIZES  this is the official autobiography of EARL HEBNER. The 440 plus-page book spans the entire career of who many call the most recognized official in professional wrestling, if not the Greatest Of All Time!


EARL HEBNER: THE OFFICIAL STORY –Earl Hebner used hard work and determination to be the most recognizable officiating name in professional wrestling. Starting out as ring crew, he gained Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair’s respect to go on to referee NWA’s biggest events. He then debuted on WWF’s most-viewed-event ever as the evil twin ref who stole Hulk Hogan’s gold in front of 33 million fans. The Senior Official also played an integral part in “The Montreal Screwjob”, an unplanned controversial finish that screwed Bret Hart out of his title, kickstarting WWE’s Attitude Era. For four decades, Earl worked with the biggest names and promotions (including TNA: Impact & AEW), and finally you can read his “Official Story!”

  • Foreword by Jim Ross
  • 430 pages
  • Never-seen-before pictures
  • Guest Passage by ODB
  • Guest Passage by Vader
  • Early Days with NWA
  • WWF Evil Twin Story
  • Becoming Senior Official
  • WWE Backstage
  • Unsung Heroes
  • Crazy Tour Stories
  • Montreal Screwjob
  • Tshirts & Politics
  • TNA: Impact run
  • HAll Of Fame
  • AEW Wrestling
  • Life after Wrestling



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