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Tag - A Time Travel Story

Tag – A Time Travel Story, by Kenny Casanova

“An exciting time travel story you will not want to put down.” 

Coming in 2015, is a new post-apocalyptic time travel book from the ghostwriter of Kamala Speaks, Kenny Casanova. This is one that Sci-Fi fans will not want to miss. Here is the teaser:

“After two bombs simultaneously hit the world, a one mile segment of NYC Subway tunnel is reported among the missing, along with countless landmarks, objects and people. Substitute teacher Nick Jericho and dozens of other passengers find their train in another dimension. They are stuck in a time-loop that forces them to relive danger over and over again, before sending them to random points of in time.

Jericho teams up with some unlikely players; a 5-year-old Japanese boy, a high school girl, a Baptist choir leader and a man with a semi-working cell phone. They join forces in a quest to learn the rules of survival in a vicious game of time travel, and ultimately to win the game. However, Alverez, an evil bandit is using the loop for financial gain could very well be standing in the way of victory.”

One thought on ““TAG” …A new time travel book from Kenny Casanova

  • Marty Carbone

    I had the priviledge of being able to preread this book, before it actually goes on sale. And let me tell you… it was one of those reads makes you want to finish the book in once sitting.

    It’s fast, smart, and Sci-Fi. If you tried it, you would love it!

    -Marty Carbone, Esq

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