Kenny Casanova ~ TAG

TAG is a smart post-apocalyptic time loop book in an urban setting that Sci-Fi fans & Kenny Casanova’s wrestling fans will not want to miss. This action-packed time travel novel is a PG-13 read, with fast mini-story chapters written to easily allow you to put it down whenever you want …even though you won’t want to!

THE STORY – A chunk of a NYC subway disappears as WW III begins with Nick Merrick, a former pro wrestler, on board. Lost in another dimension, train passengers find themselves stuck in a time loop. At the start of each cycle, they have 15 minutes to escape through portals before a huge explosion. As they evacuate, they teleport to random points in their pasts. There, they must locate and “tag” their younger doubles in order to return to the subway. Once back, they have just enough time to compare notes before the loop restarts to yet another game of tag through time… The players desperately follow rules based on time travel theory. They hope that, one day, the right tag will eventually send them home. However, one rulebreaker looks to break the cycle by breaking the rules – seeking help from people in the past. In his biggest match to date, the former pro wrestler’s risk could either win the game and save them all, or lose their lives forever.

LIKE OTHER GREAT SCI–FI STORIES – Readers say that TAG is like Doctor Who, LOST or Quantum Leap with a little bit of Groundhog Day. In the spirit of Running Man, or even The Hunger Games, this book is about a game of tag and survival.

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