Kamala Speaks: Double Signed Book (Kamala & Kenny)


Get your book signed by KAMALA and the ghostwriter KENNY CASANOVA, who sometimes played his mysterious handler Kim Chee. Due to medical conditions, Kamala very seldom makes it out of the deepest darkest depths of Africa anymore for book signings & appearances – and Kenny hangs out in the armpit of America Albany, NY. This is the only place you can get an autographed copy by BOTH authors!

($39.95 + $6 S&H in USA )


This is the life story of a WWE pro-wrestler who overcame very real obstacles like murder, racism and losing both legs to diabetes. Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” was a tribal, monster-like character that wrestling fans feared everywhere in the 80s & 90s. Never speaking once during his 30 year career, we finally hear what it was like for James Harris to wrestle headline matches in every major promotion, against Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, The Undertaker, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, The Ultimate Warrior and more. After traveling the world, he now ironically looks out his back kitchen window each day from a wheel chair, immobilized as a victim of diabetes.

“Kamala Speaks” is a story of inspiration; a wrestling-memoir loaded with touching anecdotes, humor and insight. It is not an angry/bitter tale told from someone harping on missed opportunity, but rather one of survival and hope for all.